Petula PARABÉNS!!!! É galera a fila está andando mas o meu acho qeu não vem agora… acabei de receber este e-mail da Maria João.

“… Dear Mrs. Gimenez:

Please be advised that we are not ready to request your original passport.

Please note background checks or further investigation are necessary in relation with the processing of your immigration application to Canada. Therefore, the time needed for the processing of this application has fallen outside the timeframe set out in the AOR letter.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act requires that each person applying for a visa to Canada be screened in many different ways, including health, security and criminality.

Often, delays in the processing of an application are out of our control as some processing steps require coordination with external authorities.

Delays in the processing of visa applications are always frustrating to all concerned, but rest assured that all efforts are being made to ensure an efficient and expeditious processing of all visa applications, including your application.

Also note that you may apply for a tourist visa while your immigration application is being processed, however, the outcome is never guaranteed.

We thank you for your patience and for keeping your correspondence to a minimum.

Maria João Guimarães …