Re: Re: VISTO 2013


Bom, pelo q eu vi na net, vai mto d caso a caso.
Como ele nunca ficou internado e, aparentemente, o q eh caro eh mais o Remicade – algo q ele nunca precisou.

Achei algo interessante em um forum sibre visto de RP p Australia.
“It is really hard to say whether you would fail the health requirement or not as obviously every case is different. Some people with I.B.D. fail it and some don’t, and from what I can glean it depends what severity the M.O.C. assesses you at (mild, moderate, or severe), whether you’ve been hospitalised recently, what meds you are on, etc.

I’m an Australian citizen and my husband has ulcerative colitis. We applied for a spouse visa and it was refused based on my husband failing the health requirement. The M.O.C. assessed him with moderate I.B.D. and costed him at $100,000 over a lifetime (the magic number you need to be below is $21,000). Unfortunately the assessment from the M.O.C. does not state how they came to the $100,000 figure. It’s also important to note, that that figure is based on a hypothetical person with moderate I.B.D. who will be using all possible health and community services available to them – they don’t look at individual factors.

In my husband’s case, even though he’s in remission and is active and works full time, I believe the cost estimate was high because he is on remicade, a very expensive drug, and he was hospitalised approximately a year ago for a couple of days. If you’ve never been hospitalised and you basically are asymptomatic, and not taking meds or taking less expensive meds then your costing will probably be much lower. I’ve seen others in these forums who’ve had I.B.D. and have passed the health requirement OK. I would suggest, when you are asked for a specialist’s report, that you have the specialist emphasise that your condition is very mild, you can work, etc.”

Bom, vamos torcer.
Apenas como base d comparacao, o custo de cada aplicacao de Remicade eh algo em torno de R$ 8mil (e geralmente sao varias aplicacoes ao ano), sao pelo menos 3, ou seja, R$ 24mil. A medicacao do meu marido eh em torno de R$ 6mil ao ano.

Bom,vamos ver e torcer :?: