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Oi vizinhos,

Uma pequena contribuição. E, Carlos, não tenho a menor pretensão de me tornar moderadora   :wink:

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Applying for citizenship
Canadians are proud to hold one of the most prized citizenships in the world.
Every year about 150,000 people become new citizens of Canada.
If you want to apply for Canadian citizenship or change or confirm your citizenship status in Canada, there are steps you may need to take.
Learn about:
• Becoming a citizen
Information on the requirements you must meet to become a citizen of Canada, and the steps to follow
• Citizenship for international adoptees
Information on changes to the citizenship process for adopted people.
• The citizenship test
What you need to know about Canada in order to pass the citizenship test, and what to expect during the test
• The citizenship ceremony
What you need to know about the citizenship ceremony after you have completed all the steps toward becoming a Canadian citizen
• Resuming citizenship
What you need to know if you gave up your Canadian citizenship in the past and want to become a Canadian citizen again
• Retaining citizenship
Information for those living outside Canada who want to ensure they keep their Canadian citizenship status
• Renouncing citizenship
The steps to take if you must give up your Canadian citizenship
• Proof of citizenship
Information on the citizenship certificate—a wallet-size card that provides proof you are a citizen of Canada
• Search of records
How to search the citizenship records of Canada for information you may need during an application process
• Frequently asked questions
Answers to questions Citizenship and Immigration Canada is often asked about citizenship