Re: Re: Greve no CIC


Pessoal este foi o e-mail que recebi mas eu não entendi muito bem, me diz ai : eles recebem ou não os antecedentes por e-mail?
Dear Sir/Madam,

This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada. Upon reviewing your application, it has come to our attention that there are additional documents we require in order to proceed with your application. Kindly provide the following documents listed below. Always address to Visa Section and your application number shown above on all correspondence. Please note that we do not acknowledge receipt of your faxes, letters or e-mails .

– Certificate issued by “Poder Judiciário, Certidão de Distribuição, Civil e Criminal (Justiça Federal)” for you and your spouse
more information here

Please be advised/warned that the required document(s) must be received at this office no later than Aug 24th, 2013. Failure will result in the decision be based on the information available in your application, which may lead to a refusal. No further processing will take place, no further extension will be granted.